History of the Tampa PBA

History Of The Tampa PBA 

Florida PBA History

In 1972, a small group of law enforcement officers formed the Florida PBA and established its goals:

  • to provide Florida’s law enforcement and corrections officers with a strong and effective political voice before legislative and local government bodies, and
  • to protect Florida’s law enforcement and corrections officers from any and all sources that attack their salaries, pensions or working conditions.

We are proud to tell you that the handful has grown to a membership of over 36,000 with a full-time, professional staff of 40 highly qualified persons. With equal pride, we can also report that services we provide exceed the original 1972 goals.

Times have changed since 1972, but Florida PBA has not forgotten its goals and we will continue to furnish the best, most effective representation possible.

United we can set and accomplish even greater goals!

Tampa PBA History

In 1975  sworn members of the Tampa Police Department unionized with the PBA and originally established The Hillsborough County PBA Charter.  With plans to expand and absorb more agencies, the name was changed in 1986 to The West Central Florida PBA Charter.  In 2008 the Tampa Police Department withdrew from the WCFPBA Charter and established the Tampa PBA Charter.  The Tampa PBA Charter represents members of the Tampa Police Department.

Today, the Tampa PBA represents nearly 1000 sworn law enforcement officers of the Tampa Police Department.
In May 2014, the membership of the PBA purchased their own building reaching a milestone in its history.  This office is still centrally located within the City Limits for ease of access from all three districts and New Tampa.

The officers of Tampa’s Police Benevolent Association are proud to serve our community and truly appreciate your support.